Top 4 Tips to Ensure a Hitch-Free Delivery Service in Winter


Delivery service professionals cannot simply afford to stop doing their jobs just because of inclement weather. Save for really severe cases, there are proactive things we can do not only to anticipate trouble in advance, but also perform some nifty ‘tricks’ to somehow protect our vehicles from the worst aspects of a wintry, snow-blown transport job.

Keeping the Windshield Clear of Ice and Fog

The first-and most common thing-we do with an ice-covered windshield is to scrape it. But for those who rely on taking on as many delivery service jobs as they possibly can, those few seconds before setting out every time matter. However, you can save time in advance by rubbing a raw onion (cut in half) on your windows and windshield the night before an expected frost. Onion has been proven to prevent the formation of frost on the glass. Fogged up windows and windshield can be very dangerous, especially for those who are out on the road making a living. Another little trick to quickly remove fog without smudging the glass is by using a chalkboard eraser. A good alternative is simply opening the window for a few minutes and letting some fresh air in to defog the windows and windshield quickly.

Keep Wiper Blades Fully Functional

Among the most annoying hassles that greet vehicle owners on the morning of a big freeze are wiper blades literally stuck to the glass. You can easily remedy this by soaking a piece of cloth (soft, cottony ones are best michigan alcohol delivery  for this purpose) in full-strength rubbing alcohol (the kind of alcohol available at the corner pharmacy) and wiping each wiper blade. The alcohol prevents the blade from sticking on the windshield, and it works perfectly even during very cold days.

Opening a Frozen Car Door Lock

You go out in the morning to attend to a delivery service only to find that your vehicle’s door will not budge-the door lock is frozen and will not even accept your key. The easiest solution to this is to have a lighter to heat up the car door key, then inserting the key into the lock while applying inward pressure. Another nifty option is using a straw to blow air into the car door lock-your warm breath will melt the ice in the lock very quickly.

Keep Side Mirrors Ice-free

What about frozen side-mirrors? The last thing any busy delivery service professional wants is to drive out into the road only to find they have a blind spot, due to ice on the mirrors. Again, as in previous tips, keeping the side mirrors free from ice requires some thinking ahead. The night before the journey (which probably means most nights of the week), cover the side mirrors with plastic bags, using rubber bands or clothespins to secure them – making sure they are completely airtight. You’ll be surprised at how efficiently this little trick can keep the mirrors completely ice-free.


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