The Timeless Appeal of Marilyn Monroe Art


There is something about Marilyn Monroe art that appeals to all of us. People all around the world love to have her stunning, iconic image mounted on the walls of their living rooms, cafe’s, restaurants, offices and galleries. But what is it about Marilyn that keeps us mystified and captivated? Why does she continue to inspire artwork, books and articles so many years after her death? Was it her amazing journey from hardship to stardom? Or the tragic ending to her story? Was it her beauty, sex appeal or innocence? I believe that the unique combination of all of these is what has stamped Monroe with a timeless appeal to people all over the globe. It is this combination that has stimulated Marilyn Monroe art and is what draws us all to it.

Marilyn, originally known as Norma Jean, first grabbed the attention of the world through modeling. She had a rare look that oozed sex appeal while at the same time portraying a sense of innocence. She was snapped up by 20th Century Fox roofers monroe la  and started her movie career in 1946. Although not the best actress or singer, Marilyn’s unique appeal attracted men everywhere, while at the same time managed to not intimidate women. Many of Monroe’s modeling photographs and famous scenes from movies, such as the ‘flying skirt scene’ from ‘The Seven Year Itch’, have greatly influenced the Marilyn Monroe art creations that we see today. Such famed and iconic images are naturally used and transformed by artists to connect us, the viewers.

Perhaps the most famous Marilyn Monroe art masterpiece is Warhol’s ‘ A shot of Marilyn Monroe’. The unforgettable piece portrays Marilyn in a mundane, reproduced manner, as though she were merely a product and not a person. Warhol created the artwork after Monroe tragically died of a drug overdose. By using bold, industrial colors and duplicating the image of Marilyn’s face many times, Warhol ironically criticized the way that Hollywood and the consumerist American society used and destroyed naive young girls for the purpose of profit. Many subsequent pop art artists have drawn upon Warhol’s print and recreated similar versions in all kinds of different colors. Because of his classic work, the most popular Marilyn Monroe art works being purchased today show similar pop art characteristics.

Hi I’m Nitzan, a Popart-art enthusiast. My husband is a popart artist and specializes in paintings and prints of Marilyn Monroe. To see all his amazing artwork and to learn more about this stunning timeless icon, please check out our Marilyn Monroe art


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