Instructions For Therapeutic Maternity Massage


Full Body Massage in Melbourne | Willow Urban RetreatPregnant women today have the ability of receiving regular pregnancy massage therapy during all three trimesters helping to alleviate their discomfort while preparing the body for the process of childbirth 출장안마
. Pregnancy massage therapy is available in the same professional therapeutic massage clinics that provide reflexology massage therapy, deep tissue massage, sports massage and Swedish massage. However, because of the complicated nature of pregnancy, there are more measures to comply with for this massage modality.

A San Diego massage professional advised that prior to enrolling in pregnancy massage a pregnant woman should get clearance from her obstetrician. All contraindications for maternity massage therapy should be cleared. The next thing, which is equally as important, is to make certain that the massage therapist conducting the procedure has been specifically trained on prenatal massage. It would be smart to ask for proof of qualifications and licenses.

It is recommended for pregnant women to avoid excessive heat. Pregnancy massage therapy should, therefore, not include hot stone massage therapy, body wraps, saunas or electric blankets. Hydrotherapy which involves submersion in water may also be dangerous as the pregnant woman’s cervix may also open and this should be avoided.

Leg and feet massage should be performed only by experienced massage therapists who are also competent in acupuncture. This is critical so they are mindful of what parts of the leg and foot to avoid as to not stimulate uterine spasms and induce premature labor. In most cases, these points are near the heel, the web of the largest toe, the ankle and the knee.

Once laid on the massage table, a pregnant woman should not be allowed to lie flat on her back. The weight of the uterus will place added pressure on many veins, hindering the flow of blood to her heart, causing her to become dizzy. In some cases it could cause her to pass out. It is also recommended for her to not lay face down on a massage table with a stomach cut out. According to a San Diego massage expert, gravity can potentially draw the uterus down causing undue strain on the tissue attaching it to the sacrum.

The number one position for a pregnant woman during maternity massage is lying on her left side, leaning forward at a forty-five degree angle. This position is the same as the typical first aid position. Specially cut cushions and pillows are almost always provided as support for the woman. For maternity massage, even more than for the other kinds of massage therapy, it is important to make sure that you get the services of a highly qualified and specially skilled massage therapist from a reputable therapeutic massage center.

Massage is an art, not a technique or a profession. Massage is a skilled dance between the hands of the therapist and the body of the massage receiver. A truly great therapist does not give a massage they express their work of art onto the soft tissues of client. To give a great Massage the therapist must be in the correct mindset to be able to give an ultimate deep tissue relaxing massage. The ultimate massage is a balance between power/pressure and flow. Many therapists are simply going through the motions of what they were trained to do in school. These are the types of therapists that should be avoided. The following is how to give the ultimate deep tissue massage with maximum results and relaxation of the client.

The first thing the therapist needs is a positive mindset. This is something that is difficult to find in today’s day and age but they are out there. The correct mindset will allow the therapist to transfer there positive energy and magic to the client. This positive mindset can be achieved by simply giving a massage that the therapist themselves would like to receive.

The second thing that the therapist needs to give the ultimate deep tissue massage is a body. Well that is easy since everyone has a body. I should rephrase that statement with a ultimate massage therapist needs to be in tune to their body. If a therapist is not in tune with the minute feelings in their own body how can they be in tune with the clients? This takes allot of searching to find but they are out there and can be found. Usually they will people that drink alcohol only in minute moderation and do not smoke. The ultimate therapist cannot be overweight as the balance in their body cannot be good if they are carrying extra weight causing them to live in an off balance life.

The third thing that the ultimate therapist will need is very important and an obvious one for a massage therapist is hands. The hands of an ultimate massage giver can come in any shape or size, but they need two things. First they need to be flexible and sensitive. By having these two attributes it will allow them to be able to give a powerful yet flowing massage, which are the two most important things when giving the ultimate massage. The hands of the ultimate massage therapist must have eyes. Hands of eye massage therapists can see with their hands and feel with their hands allowing them to give the ultimate deep tissue massage with no pain.

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