Hunter PVP Guide


In this World of Warcraft PVP Guide for Hunters, you will be introduced to quite a bit of information that can assist you in being successful during Player vs. Player sessions. The hunter class is noted to be deadly when it comes to marksmanship. The survival instincts of this particular class are actually extremely far above those of other classes. When you enter into PVP play, it is important to ensure that your focus is on specific key components. These components include that of critical rating, attack power behind your ranged weapons, and even your overall agility. Furthermore, you should place some emphasis on stamina as well. You will learn more about these components and more in this World of Warcraft PVP Guide for Hunters.

One of the first things that you need to know and understand is if you are playing the hunter class, you have the best shot at getting honor points in the PVP battlegrounds. You can actually wreck a lot of havoc with this particular character class. The hunter is especially useful at controlling crowds in the PVP environment, as well as tanking in general. This is especially true if a pet is put into play next to your character. This will maximize the ability to deal a high level of DPS, or “damage per second”. Your overall attack power as a hunter in World of Warcraft will be based on the statistics that you hold in strength, as well as agility. When it comes to your pet, you will find that it actually increases your overall damage. Pets are essential to success when it comes to PVP.

When engaging in World of Warcraft PVP as a Hunter, it is important to know and understand that your character is considered to be a ranged class. This basically means that your character will be most effective in the area of attacks and weapons that are ranged in-game. This means that you should completely avoid being pulled into a melee PVP combat with the opposition. You will find that in PVP in World of Warcraft, there are certain classes that will completely exploit the fact that you are better in ranged combat than you are when it comes to melee combat. The most common classes that actually identify this particular weakness are the Druids, Paladins, Rogues, and even Warriors.

When engaging in PVP combat as a hunter, it is important to make the best use of your abilities, and avoid spells that require some gear up time. Spells like the ever-popular “Aspect of the Pack” are those that should be completely avoided. This will allow your character to become vulnerable to the opposition. If you implement the use of abilities that help slow down the opposition in PVP like “Freezing Trap”, you will quickly discover that you can carry the upper hand in the combat session. If you use other abilities that the Hunter class has in PVP like “Viper Sting”, you can easily lock down the ability of the caster classes because these abilities actually reduce the amount of mana that the opposition has.

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