How Birth Control and Pregnancy Affect Your Acne – It’s Not What You Think


The birth control pill has been a development that has changed the way women live today. It can also lead to pregnancy affect acne which can be quite troublesome.

Just as with pregnancy, birth control pills cause hormonal changes which can affect the skin as well as other body systems. In some women, however, the pill can actually improve acne problems.

Acne often develops during the teen years, as adolescence causes hormonal changes. The hormonal changes drive the sebaceous glands, which are basically oil glands, in the skin to produce more oils. As this sebaceous oil increases, the pore opening of the gland can become clogged. When this happens, an acne blemish appears.

Another cause of hormonal changes which can trigger the body to increase oil production is the practice of taking birth control pills. It is quite common for a woman using this form of contraception to experience acne outbreaks. These outbreaks may be quite minor or rather severe.

When a woman becomes pregnant, her hormone levels again change. The normal changes to the female skin caused by the pregnancy can cause acne to appear.

Birth Control Pills Can Control Acne For Some

Few people would ever consider that birth control pills can actually act as an acne treatment! However, in some cases, oral birth control pills reduce or remove acne problems and also provide menstrual regulation and even relief from menstrual pain.

The trick is finding the right hormonal balance for each female. The birth control pill that results in less acne for one woman may cause another woman to experience more acne. So, it is a trial and error method that must be directed by your doctor or gynecologist to locate the right birth control pill to reduce acne.

Because different brands of birth control pills have different levels and combinations of hormones, a qualified health care practitioner can help a woman find an oral contraception choice that reduces acne.

If acne increases, the doctor will suggest that the woman try another brand of birth control pill until a hormonal balance that provides the most positive side-effects such as reduced acne is located.

The general guidelines followed by health care practitioners for prescribing birth control pills include overall general good health, a patient who is at least 15 or more years of age who has already begun menstruating, and who has already selected the birth control method of oral contraception.

The FDA has approved Ortho Tri-cyclen as one of the brands of contraceptive pills that can be used by doctors to fight acne problems; cytotec bolivia there are several other brands which provide this benefit as well.

Because use of birth control pills has the potential for certain side effects, some of which can be quite series, this method of controlling or treating acne is usually prescribed by a doctor only after all more traditional treatments have failed.

Acne and Pregnancy

Often, women who become pregnant experience increased acne. During pregnancy, many changes are occurring in the mother’s body. The levels of certain hormones, especially estrogen and progesterone, change dramatically.

Progesterone, a hormone much like the hormones in the male body, takes on very important roles as the baby grows and develops in the mother’s womb. The increase of progesterone during pregnancy may cause sebaceous oil glands to increase production and this can result in clogged pores and acne outbreaks.

Not every woman who gets pregnant will experience acne, but many do. In fact, some women who have never experience acne at any time of their life previous to getting pregnant may suddenly develop acne blemishes because of the changes going on in her body as her baby develops.

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