French Kissing – How To Be The Perfect Kisser!


In a poll 90% of women said that they wish their partners kissed them more, but what makes a great kiss and you the perfect kisser?

Here are some basics on french kissing, the history of kissing, why we do it, why we enjoy it and how to give a kiss to remember.

Kissing can express friendship, emotional attachment or can be extremely arousing, depending on the ways it’s done.

Why do we kiss?

Kissing probably derived from ancient times, with food being transferred from the mother’s to her baby’s mouths.

This lip contact developed into a way for mothers to show love to their children. This then developed and became a way to show both love and desire.

What’s the difference between a kiss that falls flat and one that makes you feel weak at the knees? Well a kiss wont but a french kiss will!

Before we look at what goes into a great French kiss, let’s review some basics:

What is a French kiss?

It is simply a kiss where the tongue is put inside your partner’s mouth and vice versa.

French kiss basics

1. When you French kiss, be careful to tilt your head to one side and your partner does the same, so now we have no clash of noses!

2. Make sure you have good oral hygiene and your teeth are well kept. If there not, your partner will not enjoy kissing you so much or worse may not want to kiss you at all.

3. The mouth and teeth create a smile and that is extremely attractive and makes people want to kiss even more, so make sure yours is in good shape.

Here are some great tips to help you enjoy French kissing.

1. Emotional & Physical connection.

If you kiss someone you really like you will add emotion to passion and the kiss will be extremely dynamic.
When the physical pleasure of a kiss combines with the emotions it’s a dynamite combination.

2. Relax Relax Relax!

If you are nervous, you are tense and become stiff and this will ruin a kiss.

When you’re worried about how your partner will feel about you kissing them you won’t be able to enjoy the kiss as you should.

Your apprehension will be felt by your partner.

If you relax you can go with the flow and respond naturally to your partner, which makes a natural connection.

3. Go with the flow

As stated above adapt to your partner and try download 918kiss 2023 different kinds of kisses.

Vary the speed and pressure of your kisses.

Move from the mouth and kiss the eyelids, neck, the latter is an extremely erotic area and a kiss on the neck after kissing on the lips, is guaranteed to drive your partner wild.

4. Kiss – respond – flow

The best kisses have a natural flow to them.

They vary from gentleness, to more aggressive mouth and tongue contact, with pauses for breath in between.

Note: Nothing is worse than someone who is kissing you and they don’t allow you time to catch your breath.

Let your kiss find a natural rhythm flowing between gentleness and raw passion.

5. Very Important – Don’t be stiff!

If your body is stiff and you simply kiss with your mouth you are ma


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