Five Easy Ways Yoga Breaks Unhealthy Eating Habits


Do you constantly eat on the go, snack on junk food and indulge your cravings for sweet and highly salty foods? Have you tried to eat healthier yet feel overwhelmed by all the advice thrown at you from all corners?

Yoga, with its emphasis on eating a healthy balanced diet, offers you a variety of ways to help break unhealthy eating habits. If you regularly eat refined and processed foods, drink lots of caffeine or alcohol, red meat and fatty foods; you increase your risks of gaining weight, increasing your stress levels and depleting your body’s natural reserves as you put unnecessary strain on your cardio vascular system.

If you want to have vibrant health, be full of life and vitality then the foods you eat play a key role in helping you achieve this. Change your unhealthy eating habits and you are well on the way to living a more fulfilling and energised life.

Five Easy Ways Yoga Breaks Unhealthy Eating Habits

1. Yoga philosophy offers you a solid framework in which to choose foods to eat. From a yogic perspective, the purpose of foods is to assist your body to cleanse, revitalise, repair and build up your immune system. A yogic diet consists of foods which are eaten in as close to their natural state as possible, e.g raw or lightly steamed, whole grains, pulses, nuts and seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables. Food contains energy; therefore to gain the maximum energy you need for your body to function you need to eat foods which are nutritionally rich and bursting with energy.

2. Eat with love. Yoga encourages you to get in touch with your inner being. The more in tune you are with what is going on in your inner world, the easier it becomes for you to choose foods which reflect your natural state of being. Have you noticed that when you are angry, upset or frustrated you grab and eat foods which you usually do not eat, or you may feel so mad you haven’t the energy to stomach anything else? Whereas when life flows and you feel good, you feel more inclined to choose foods which make you feel good inside?

3. As you start to become more aware of the spiritual side of life, you develop a sense of awe and appreciation for all life. This extends to the foods you eat. The yogic philosophy of ahimsa (non-violence) recognises the sacred in all forms, including animals. Generally, yogis favour a non-meat, vegetarian diet as this causes the less harm to another being. You will notice that a vegetarian diet consists of lots of pulses, nuts and seeds; foods that are  먹튀검증커뮤니티 wholesome, natural and full of vitality.

4. Life is full of colour. Look around and notice the variety of colours found in fruit and vegetables. Each colour relates to the energy centres (chakras); choosing a combination of colours in your regular diet helps you have a well balanced diet that enriches your life.

5. Be present. Yoga encourages you to live in the present moment, to be fully aware of how your body feels as you breathe through your practice. When you apply “presence” to your diet, you eat with a conscious awareness and fully appreciate your meal. Instead of mindless chewing and eating in front of the television, eating with presence leaves you feeling spiritually and mentally calmer and fed.

The goal of yoga is to achieve inner and outer balance. The foods that you eat can help you achieve this. Take your time to explore your relationship with food, to note how different foods make you feel and choose foods which leave you feeling cleansed, nourished and vibrant.


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