Fire Safety Certificate


What is a Fire Safety Certificate (FSC)?

• A fire safety certificate is a certificate issued by the local authority, of the proposed fire safety design when its incorporated into the overall design of the building.

• Thecertificate is issued for the proposed fire safety design, not the design of your finished building. Once acertificate is obtained in relation to a proposed layout, it means that the layout of the building, if constructed in accordance with the layout as proposed, it complies with the fire safety requirements of the Building Regulations.

Can work commence without a Fire Safety Certificate (FSC)?

Generally speaking, work should not begin on site without alerting the building control authority by way of a commencement notice. A valid commencement notice should have a FSC number (if a FSC is required) on the commencement notice.

The Building Regulations have been amended and what does this mean?

On the first of October 2009, the amended Building Control Regulations 2009 (S.1. No 351 of 2009) came into effect. The 2009 Building control Regulations introduce a number of changes that include:

• A Revised FSC Application

A Regularisation FSC

A 7 Day Notice – this application must be submitted to the Building Control Authority (BCA) whereby commencement of work on site is imminent

• A Disability Access Certificate is required for the majority of works since th Rescheck web e first January 2010.

A Revised FSC – This is an Application submitted to the local council seeking approval for any revisions to the previous granted Certificate. No works should commence until the certificate is granted.

A Regularisation FSC- If works have been carried out without obtaining a certificate, you are required to regularise the works by submitting an application.

This form of application is not the preferred route by local councils, designers or clients as:

• It is more expensive (4 times)

• A statutory declaration has to be submitted to the local council by the client indicating that they will comply with the FSC as granted and any conditions.

• The local fire department will carry out an inspection on the building while the application is being assessed and they will require certificates of compliance in respect of emergency lighting, fire doors, fire detection and alarm, firestopping etc.

• An opinion of compliance in respect of the Part B of the Building Regulations is required on site at all times.

• The premises should not open or operate until the certificate has been granted.

A Seven day Notice – If it is proposed to carry out works on site within seven days, a seven day notice can be submitted. The seven day notice comprises a commencement notice that informs the Building Control that works on site are imminent.

The Fire Department have seven days to validate your application. There is still a period of 2 months to grant the application. There are implications submitting this type of application, these include:

• a greater cost to the client (twice the price of a normal FSC Application)

• The Fire Department still have 2 months to grant the certificate, alterations to work may be required.

• A statutory declaration is required to be submitted to the local council by the client indicating that they will comply with the granted certificate and any associated conditions.

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