Deck Patio Furniture – Weather Is The Key


Many people enjoy the comfort and fun of having a great patio at their homes. Sometimes the patios are covered with a roof and some are even enclosed. This lets you enjoy your outdoor space in all kinds of weather, even if it is raining or the wind is blowing really hard.

But some people also enjoy the fun that comes with having a deck, and for them the choice of what kind of deck patio furniture to have is key to keeping the ability to enjoy your deck for a long time to come.

Some patio furniture materials hold up in the weather better than others. If your patio has a roof and sides on it, then you have a wide choice of patio furniture styles and materials. For instance, you would be able to choose a material like teak and have no issues with it whatsoever.

If teak patio furniture is protected from direct sunlight and from precipitation, then it will last a long, long time. You may even have to arrange to put in into your will because some pieces can be handed down from generation to generation.

Wrought iron also holds up really well, with a small bit of maintenance for Wicker Deck Furniture sanding and touch up painting. Providing that the furniture stays out of the direct rain and snow it will also last a number of years and may well outlast you.

But when you have your patio furniture out on the deck exposed to the elements, your choice of materials for furniture is different. You don’t really want to be buying new deck furniture every year to replace the stuff that got ruined, that’s for sure.

The materials you need for your deck patio furniture are either cast aluminum, which also goes well for garden furniture, or resin wicker, also called all weather wicker. These two materials will stand up to almost any kind of wet weather.

The aluminum can get a whitish kind of oxidation on the surface after a while. But you can fix this up with just a little bit of maintenance with an aluminum oxidation remover and some really fine sandpaper.

But the resin wicker furniture is probably the easiest to maintain. You really just need to wash it off with a hose and a rag with some soapy water. Just make sure that you do this somewhere that is not on your deck.

Nothing terrible about cleaning the patio furniture on your deck, it’s just that you have to get rid of the rinse water and soap from your decking as well. And there is not much sense in making extra work for yourself. So if you do the cleaning down on the lawn, you are already a step ahead.

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