Current Styles in Fitted Kitchens


What many people and you may be one of them completely fail to realize, is that looks and styles in home decorating and design come and go just like clothing. What you also may not know is that just like clothes, there are distinctive styles in fitted kitchens with their own names.

So then what’s hot now? The answer to this is that there are a few fitted kitchen styles that are hot right now, and the Shaker design style is one of them, the advantage for this particular design style is that its classic so it has real staying power.

The shakers were a religious group around 200 years ago who were fanatical about quality in the furnishings that they made in their shops and the way that they designed, and built their homes.

The modern contemporary look will always be around and in general, what comprises it is what is in fact modern at any given time. So then what’s modern now in fitted kitchens? The simple answer to that are composites. Now modern materials that are completely man made.

Take the polished granite counter top Fitted kitchens for example. Now this particular type of counter-top has been popular for decades now but the problem that a lot of folks run into when they shop for a fitted kitchen and start looking at polished granite is that it’s quite expensive.

The problem with granite is the darker it is the more iron it contains and the more iron in the granite the harder it is to cut and polish. Now black polished granite looks absolutely amazing but because it contains the most iron, it’s in fact the most expensive.

So now the very latest modern contemporary fitted kitchens feature amazing high tech synthetic or cultured granite counter tops that cost less and in fact are easier to install as well. This new man made black granite material looks for all intents and purposes “just like” black granite. Even with your nose right up to it.

Still yet another plus for this new material is that unlike real polished granite, there are no worries about chips, scratches and stains. This is because if they do happen it’s simply a matter of just hand polishing them out with a cloth, and a little bit of polishing powder.

Visible seams are also a thing of the past with this new material and the next time you look at a natural polished granite counter top, check out the “visible seams” where it turns corners. You see all granite counter tops that have corners have them.

Well with this new counter top product that’s being used in more modern contemporary kitchens the seams are eliminated because the product that is used to make connections actually fuses the pieces together. They connect up to form one solid piece.

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