A Deep Insight of Biometrics Systems


Many of us control biometrico may ask that what biometrics is exactly. Biometrics is derived from the Greek words “bios” and “metric”. In the Greek dialect, “bios” mean life and “metric” means measurement. The meaning translated of biometrics is “the measurement of life.”

In Science, biometrics is characterized as the statistical study of biological phenomena. Biometrics can likewise mean the measurement of physical attributes or quantifiable biological characteristics which incorporate fingerprints, DNA, retinal patterns, iris scan, and so on. These physical characteristics can be utilized to identify people. A human characteristic can be used for biometrics if the following parameters are met:

1. Acceptability – degree of approval of technology
2. Circumvention – ease of use of substitute.
3. Collectability – easy to acquire the measurement.
4. Universality – each person has the characteristic
5. Permanence – it should resist aging and other variance of time.
6. Uniqueness – the biometric should separate the individual from another.
7. Performance – includes the accuracy, speed and robustness of the technology used.

There are two types of biometrics. First is behavioral biometrics and the second one is physical biometrics.

The second kind of biometrics is physical biometrics. Physical biometrics makes use of inherent physical attributes of a person. These characteristics are measured and can be utilized either for identification or verification. Examples of physical biometrics incorporate, yet are not constrained to:

1. Facial recognition – measuring facial characteristics
2. Fingerprints – analyzing fingerprint patterns
3. Hand geometry – measuring the shape of the hand
4. Iris scan – analyzes features of colored ring of the eye

Biometric systems have been developed and are worked to either verify an individual or to identify an individual. In verifying the identity of that individual, it is considered as a one to one comparison of a captured biometric with a stored template to confirm that the individual is he who he claims to be. A perfect example for this sort of biometric system would be PCs or tablets which require a fingerprint scan for access.

Another example would be a retinal scan for confined zones in the office. The retinal scan will confirm that the individual who swiped the identity card is the right individual.

This biometrics system is considered to be an outstanding device through which you can do multi tasking. Through one device you can record employee’s attendance without wasting your time with just a help of fingerprint or face recognition. And moreover you can also restrict people to punch in place of another individual. This small device can make your organization grow by reducing late comings in the office.

Some advantages are as follows:

• Cost effective
• Hassle free
• No scope for buddy punching
• Accurate reports
• Customizable
• Keyless Entry

Given their advantages, biometric systems are in high demand in corporate world, hospitals, schools, workplaces and different places where there are numbers of people trying to access control and features. Today, there are biometric attendance systems, biometric access systems and biometric security systems that are very helpful in different organizations.


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