4 of 5 – Mind Development – Nuts, Bolts and Spanners


Let’s take this series of Mind Development to another level and put some rubber to road. I am a big believer in talking about things, understanding the philosophy behind those things and that’s all well and good, at the end of the day in my mind if no action is taken then nothing changes at all and that knowledge and time spent talking about it, is useless.

How can you use Mind Development to benefit you and others in your life?

Your mind creates your thoughts, your thoughts create your feeling, your feeling more often than not cause your actions and then it loops back to your actions create your feelings again.

On the weekend I am planning to go on a picnic, on the picnic I want to take milk for tee and coffee. I go the fridge and grab the carton of milk and put it in the bag for the picnic and off I go. I get to the park have lunch, kick a ball, throw a Frisbee and now I am ready for a cup of tea. I open up the bag and the carton has a hole in it, the bag is soaked through with milk and there is none left for Tea. Because the carton didn’t do the job of holding the milk like I thought it would, then I feel…Upset, Frustrated, disappointed.

What now…? It’s my belief in my life, to cry over spilled milk is a waste of energy. The two things I can do about it are…

(1) Learn the Lesson… Clean it up and make the most of it, and learn from the experience. How can this be done? By pausing long enough to see what the learning is. The learning I would take from this metaphor is that cartons are unable to hold milk in a warm environment. Now that I know this I will put my milk in a plastic bottle when I go on picnics. Even if I am a slow learner and have the next picnic a few weeks later and go to make my tea and realize that the milk has gone off in the warm environment, if I take the same approach I will learn from it again and eventually understand how to create the experience of having a cup of tea at my picnic.

If I had reacted like “oh my god why does this keep happening to me, all I want is a simple cup of tea, is that so hard to ask for, this sucks and has wrecked my entire day” That reaction driven largely by the emotion of frustration disappointment or the like far over shadows the possible learning’s and reduces the chance of growing from the experience. Because I decided that the milk has wrecked my picnic I say to myself, something like “if that what’s going to happen every time I going on a picnic I will just stop going on picnics” To me that robs you of all the fun and joy that I see is possible to have on picnics.

(2) Find the Fun… Make the most of it. There is nothing in my power, short of travailing back in time (which I’m still working on 😉 that I can do to change the fact of the spilled milk. The best way in my mind is to find some fun in it. Like tell my son to take the bag swimming with him and then hose it of. He has some fun and I get the bag cleaned. It’s a win win.

I would like to introduce you to what I have in my life coaching sessions called green flags. When you get to the point of anger, frustration, overwhelm link in your mind those feeling to the picture of a green flag. Anger = Green flag. What for? I hear you ask.black bolts  It’s a subconscious memory peg that in the heat of the moment will pop up and remind you that you have the power to change how you feel. Then your rational or wisdom kicks in and you can apply what you have learnt today through this article.

Know this, you always have the power to choose in every moment with in the capacity of you knowledge. If you feel powerless to choose it only because your yet to have the know how of how to do it. If you would like more know how I would love to help.

Shane Cliff – helping humanity evolve.
My Life and how I changed it for the benefit of others:

My life wasn’t how I wanted it to be and I couldn’t work out how come. I have an amazing family, a great place to live in Cronulla which is south of Sydney on the beach, yet the “career thing” was still escaping me. I am a highly skilled carpenter, yet don’t enjoy the work. I love outdoor adventure and education yet it doesn’t give me the stability of life I want. I love brewing beer but not enough to do it day in and day out. So what now? ? ?

Life Coaching….. What’s that? Helping people with self development, Interesting…! I love people and I love self development, could this be for me? After doing some research on the topic I realized that if I became a life coach I could use what I have learned about humans already, from a lifetime of studying myself and others through mediums such as Christianity, yoga, Chinese medicine, physical therapy and general life.



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