3 Very Important Steps in Training a Bulldog Puppy


Bulldogs are an ancient and exclusive purebred dog. Popular in the United Kingdom for over 500 years, bulldogs are bold, unflappable, and have minds of their own. As a result, training a bulldog puppy can be quite a challenge, particularly if your pup is strong willed and very energetic.

1. Selecting your bulldog puppy

When you are deciding on which puppy you want to own, remember that these dogs need a lot of care. Bulldogs are more likely to have health issues all their lives, starting from when they are born, as they have an unusually high mortality rate. You should adopt a puppy that is at least French bulldog for sale two months old, that likes people, and is not belligerent. The pet should be checked by a vet, as these puppies may have health concerns you should know of ahead of time.

Training a bulldog puppy should start as soon as you have adopted the pet, as long as it is at least two and a half months old. The puppy should also be comfortable with people and any other dogs you may have. If you try to train them too soon, the puppy may become aggressive.

2. Training a Bulldog Puppy

Once the puppy is old enough, you should begin with housetraining the pet. You will have the most success with house breaking by using a crate. You should also be home during the housetraining. This will take patience on your part to teach the puppy, but once they understand, they are very reliable about eliminating in the appropriate place and not around the house.

After you are successful with house breaking, your next step is to teach the puppy that you are the master. Teach it that biting or nipping is not acceptable by making noise so they understand it hurts. You may find toys helpful in this training. The puppy should learn also that jumping on furniture or sleeping with you is not appropriate either. By using the crate at a very early age, you can gradually increase the time the puppy stays there. The puppy will begin to understand this is where they are supposed to sleep.

Depending on how fast your puppy learns, you can then advance obedience training between three and six months of age. The dog can learn to obey your commands such as responding when called, sitting, staying and so on. You will discover that bulldogs are quick to learn, but initially they may not want to obey due to stubbornness.

3. Training a Bulldog Puppy to Protect Them

Because bulldogs are very curious animals and have no fear, you will need to train the puppy to keep them from harm. They will be prone to chase cars or leave you if they are not on a leash. Do not take the puppy off a leash until you are certain they will obey your call and not run away. Bulldogs are more likely than other dog breeds to abandon their owners.

Training a bulldog puppy may seem to be a huge challenge at first. However, you will discover these dogs are very loyal and that they make great companions. They will follow you, obey your commands, and never have an accident in the house. It will depend on you taking charge from the beginning so the dog understands you are in control so they will be an obedient pet in the years to come.

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